Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Why do I need to study Computer Ethics?

                  I need to study computer ethics because it is important and relevant to us as a student to know the important details  and information regarding computer ethics. In computer ethics, it study the way in which computers pose new versions of standard moral problems and moral dilemmas. Computer ethics also involved here the computer crimes which computer virus destroyed the system of a computer. As an I.T. professional, you need to study computer ethics because it is part of your task as a student and also being an I.T. professional. Computer ethics is a compatible with a wide variety of approaches to ethical problem-solving. Computers are logically malleable in that they can be shaped and molded to do any activity that can be characterized in terms of inputs,outputs,and connecting logical operations.
                   I need to study computer ethics to know more better when computer ethics started and what does computer ethics really mean. Also what is the importance and advantages/disadvantages of computer ethics in our life as an I.T. professional someday. Computer ethics can help us to identify and analyzes the impacts of information technology on such social and human values as health,wealth,work,opportunity,freedom,knowledge,privacy,security,and self-fulfillment. We are entering a generation marked by globalization and ubiquitous computing. The second generation of computer ethics, therefore, must be an era of global information ethics. That's why we need to study Computer Ethics because every now and then it is significant nor relevant to us.

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